“I pledge to my constituents that, throughout 2024, I will support and work for passage of legislation that makes a permanent reduction in Oklahoma’s individual income tax rate—so long as the reduction would not occur during a state revenue failure, and so long as the legislation does not also include any offsetting tax or fee increases that would result in a net tax increase on my constituents.” 

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Sen. Dusty Deevers (R) District 32

Sen. Rob Standridge
(R) District 15

Sen. Warren Hamilton (R) District 7

Sen. Shane Jett
(R) District 17

Sen. Dana Prieto
(R) District 34

Sen. David Bullard
(R) District 6

Sen. Micheal Bergstrom (R) District 1

Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell
State Senate President

Sen. Casey Murdock
(R) District 27

Sen. Julie Daniels
(R) District 29

Sen. Cody Rogers
(R) District 37

Sen. Nathan Dahm
(R) District 33

Sen. George Burns
(R) District 5

Sen. Tom Woods
(R) District 4

Sen. Blake Stephens
(R) District 3